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Playing Strategies in Keno

With regards to strategies in playing keno, there is very little you can do to increase your winning chances because keno is indeed a game of chance. Since the resulting numbers in keno are drawn randomly, every drawn number has no influence in whatever way to the previous drawn numbers.

It may appear somewhat strange to you but if you select five numbers on the keno ticket, the probability of seeing the numbers 11, 21, 38, 56, and 64 come up is the same as the numbers one, two, three, four, and five come up. Therefore, each number has similar probability of being drawn as the next winning number.

Even though the players of keno can do very little to increase their chances of winning, there are some possible game strategies that other players believe can help increase the odds. These strategies are not that very strategic but applying them can be beneficial in some way because they are widely used. These strategies can also make keno an interesting game to play.

1. You can play keno using the numbers that have not been drawn in the previous games. The rationale is that these numbers can start to come up to achieve the long-term results that each number in keno is even out. But because the numbers are drawn randomly, this strategy may not be that assured.

2. There are keno players that bet on the numbers that always come up instead of those that hasn't come up yet. Even if this strategy is somewhat against the law of probability in keno, there are observable number trends and patterns that randomly drawn numbers show that when taken advantage of can be beneficial to you in the end.

3. Selecting successive numbers is also one of the keno strategies. You can select number pairs such as 21 and 22 or may be 12 and 13 because they characterize as successive numbers. Although this strategy has no proof of its effectiveness, but in the long run, it does seem that many of the randomly drawn numbers come in consecutive pairs. Many keno players believe in this strategy.

4. You may use the exact set of numbers for consecutive game rounds of keno. This is a very simple and common strategy in keno that is also done by a lot of players.

All of these keno game strategies may not be very strategic but there is no harm applying them because they can make your keno game more fun and exciting. And who knows, your winning chances in keno may be increased.

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